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Hello dear community, i have a yi home 1080p camera. Apparently in the latest camera versions the firmware file to be saved on the sdcard isn't recognized by the camera at startup if the file has the old name home;

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The firmware which is installed on the camera now is version

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Yi home camera hacked firmware. · if you see that the led light is blinking randomly, your security camera is probably being hacked. I was able to configure with onvif to make it work, but i would like to use the official yi integration. I was able to install your firmware hack and the camera is fully functional again!

Make sure the camera is unplugged. Wait until the light get blue, you. Thank you thank you thankyou!!

There should be a fat filesystem and no more files in the sdcard. The camera firmware will be updated automatically. Firmware files required for the yi dome camera.

Rootfs_y20 and home_y20, from the same location. Format a micro sd card (fat32 only) and put those files on the root directory. Put in the micro sd card and plug in the power cable to turn the camera on.

Get a firmware binay and rename it to demo.bin. The webserver was started normally and i set all the passwords and the settings. In the ftp settings on the camera you can define username.

Steps to flash the hacked loader firmware: Instruction | yi technology 4. I really appreciate your help!

This time we hack the yi outdoor security camera with yi hack v4. Ask questions yi home 1080p bricked after firmware install i bought a yi home 1080p (48usyjh1yf) yesterday, configured it, all worked well. I’ve been trying to install the yi hack v4 firmware but when powering on the camera with the sd card in it, it performs a normal boot and ignores the new firmware completely.

Yi p home, rootfs_y20, home_y20, firmware files required for the yi p home camera. In order to integrate the camera with home assistant, it is necessary to install a custom firmware on the device. Press and hold the reset camera (setup button), then turn on the camera.

Safely remove the card reader from pc, and insert the tf card into camera, then power it on. Firmware files required for the yi 1080p home camera. This indeed unbricked the camera successfully!

The camera firmware will be updated automatically. In this case configure the cam as onvif and read. The name has to be home_ plus a suffix that depends on the camera model, something like home_y203c.

Custom firmware for yi 1080p camera based on allwinner platform. Now we are back again showing you how to hack the super cheap yi outdoor security camera. Hello community, i would like to browse my recorded camera videos from home assistant new media browser.

Insert the sdcard containing the firmware into the camera. Safely remove the card reader from pc, and insert the tf card into camera, then power it on.

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