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Winged Eyeliner Hacks Bobby Pin

For instance, lately a bobby pin eyeliner hack went viral on instagram and facebook. Needless to say it was a total fail for me but please leave a co.

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I Tried The Bobby Pin Eyeliner Hack To See If Its As Easy As It Looks

How to wing it | cheapest eyeliner |bobby pin hack.

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Winged eyeliner hacks bobby pin. Then, flip the spoon so it’s hugging your eyelid, and use the rounded outer. According to a tiktok video posted by @annnakra, a professional makeup artist, all you need is a bobby pin and a liquid eyeliner to stamp the outline of a cat eye flick on the corner. I had higher hopes for this hack, where i pinched the top of my nose with the open part of the bobby pin.

This genius bobby pin trick makes your eyeliner even on both sides every time brilliant eyeliner trick alert. A makeup artist on instagram called beautynmalia used a bobby pin to create winged liner, and the result was perfectly even. As the name suggests, this new hack involves using a bobby pin to create awesome winged eyeliner.

After seeing this hack on instagram i knew i had to put it to the test. A makeup artist on instagram called beautynmalia used a bobby pin to create winged liner, and the result was perfectly even. Another household item to try for a winged eyeliner hack:

Creating a beautiful and neat winged eyeliner can be very tricky at times, especially for beginners. In this video, i'm sharing how i achieve my perfect winged liner using a bobby pin and liquid eyeliner. Strongly recommend the bobby pin eyeliner hack for every makeup beginner.

I'm still surprised with how it turned out to be! Fill in the shape of the eyeliner wing and simply fill it in with the product. This hack looks incredibly easy to do since all that is required is a liquid liner and any size bobby pin.

There are tons of step by step makeup tutorial with detailed instructions that teach us easy ways to do winged eyeliner. Color the tip of the mouth of the bobby pin with liquid liner and place it against the outer part of your eye. Use the handle and the rounded edge of a spoon to create the perfect winged liner.

I tested out the bobby pin winged eyeliner hack and am now a believer weirder things have been used for eyeliner hacks, tbh. The trick is meant to create tension that pulls the inner corners of your eyes further inwards, as seen here on @leilanikeaa. Hold the handle of a spoon against the outer corner of your eye, and draw a straight line.

A bobby pin, per @aleesha090. A makeup artist on instagram called beautynmalia used a bobby pin to create winged liner, and the result was perfectly even. But we never thought they could also create the slickest winged eyeliner look we've ever come across.

Bobby pin hacks for the winged eyeliner we all know that while applying eyeliner the thing which we are worried about is the thickness and the wing of the eyeliner as most of the time there is the difference between both eyes after we apply eyeliner but we can get rid of this problem just by the help of a bobby pin hacks. For this hack, apply your liner to the naturally shaped triangle end of the bobby pin, and then place it at the corner of your eye. Its simple and quick once you get the hang.

These handy tiny items have more than one use, it seems. Bobby pin can help you with your eyeliners, hairstyles and nail paint too.

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